Netflix’s Lucky Luna looks like a modern DSiWare hidden gem

Have you ever played a new game that looks completely fresh and hits a nostalgic nerve at the same time? A new game that just came out but unlocks some memories of old titles you haven’t played in years?

Lucky Moon | Official Game Trailer | Netflix

This is what happened to me when I tried Lucky Moon, a new mobile game that pushed me out of my usual comfort zone. It’s the latest game available through Netflix, and while I never thought I’d ever touch the streaming service’s games, I’m glad I tried this one. To my surprise, it took me back to the days of some of the most creative titles on the Nintendo DS.

days DS

I have a pretty neat rotation of the game genres I like: action games, JRPGs, and classic platformers. After not venturing out of my sphere for a while, I started yearning for something new. Then I saw Lucky Moon during Netflix game ad blocker of GameSpot’s first annual Swipe Mobile showcase. It is a platformer that takes up the usual gaming philosophy of the genre and flips it with a gimmick that seems to come out of the DSi and WiiWare era.

Lucky Luna is going through a phase of fire.

Lucky Moon It has some side-scrolling platforming elements, but is primarily built around vertical exploration. During my caving adventure, I swipe my finger left and right to move my character through a maze of platforms and mine shafts. I was given the optional tasks of collecting rocks which basically act as coins, find secret tiles, and clear levels as quickly as possible. In addition to completing the levels normally, I have tried to achieve a 100% completion rate on all levels.

All of this comes together to create a platformer that looks like a crossroads Pac-Man And Land of Wario. It’s a simple, intuitively controlled experience that instantly caught me trying to perfect my runs on stage. But there’s one more twist to this vertical platformer: you can’t jump.

This simple omission is what gives the mobile game its unique flavor. Instead of jumping, you have to step on enemies and use environmental elements such as water jets to jump or slow your fall. It’s such a simple concept, but it’s all packaged in a way that kept me coming back for more because I was driven to win every challenge with the best possible scores.

Lucky Luna jumping through the jets of water.

While the unique hooks make it a stunning mobile game, the aesthetics particularly impressed me. Lucky Moon is a very stylized game that uses detailed sprite graphics. Everything has a cool, neon and smooth look, which creates an excellent atmosphere for our mysterious protagonist, Luna, to explore as she finds her memories.

Lucky Moon it feels like a game from a more experimental era, one that transported me back to a time where companies would gamble with smaller versions, launching them on early digital stores like Xbox Arcade, DSiWare, and WiiWare stores. If this is the direction Netflix is ​​moving in, bringing that era of hidden curiosity back to mobile devices, then I may need to pay more attention to what games are available with my subscription, rather than simply using it to review One Piece.

Lucky Moon is now available on iOS and Android devices if you have a Netflix subscription.

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