Netflix not working: problems and solutions

Reboot the device

We know. This is already a classic. But in most cases, a restart It won’t take more than two minutes. Surprisingly, this old standby can mean that after restarting the Netflix app, the problem is gone.

Check your internet connection

Do you have coverage? Is your router working properly? Sometimes, our router creates the Wi-Fi network because it is working correctly, but it does not have a connection with the outside. Check the Internet connection with another device. If not, restart the router. If there is still no connection after restarting, you will need to do this differentiate if it is a router or operator problem. If you can connect to the Wi-Fi network, or via cable, but you don’t have the Internet, then we are facing the second case. You will need to call by phone so they can sort it out for us.

Update your Netflix app

As with updating the system, it is equally important keep the Netflix app updatedas the latest version may be required to work on your device or to connect to company servers.

Also an app update it could fix any Netflix error codefor example, the famous error code UI-800-3.

Exit and re-enter

child account netflix.jpg

Just use the option log out to remove all data recorded on your account on the device.

Then close the app and reopen it. Access placing yours again user and password. If it was fixed, your problem was as simple as your login details being corrupted. It is much more common than it seems.

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Reinstall the app

Sometimes deleting the Netflix app and reinstalling it will fix any problems you are having.

Removing and reinstalling an app is easy enough to do on most devices. When it’s done, the data and cache. If there is a problem with this information, the removal and reinstallation process may fix the problem. If you are a more advanced user, please try first delete data without reinstalling. The effect on the problem should be the same.

Problems with Netflix on Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung 65QT80 Smart TV

Almost all of the problems we mentioned in the previous block are perfect for the devices they use AndroidAndroid TV or any other variant, such as Google TV or FireOS in the case of Amazon Fire TV Stick. It also applies to devices running iOS (such as iPadOS or tvOS) or even webOS. However, there are problems that are specific to particular brands.

If you have a Samsung TV with TizenOS that is giving you problems with Netflix, here are some recommended solutions to fix these errors:

Disable Samsung Instant On

Samsung Instant On can make your TV run faster, but this feature of the Korean brand’s smart TVs can come into play. conflict with apps like Netflix. Disabling it could make everything work properly again.

To turn off Samsung Instant On, open Settings and then click General to disable the option.

Put the factory TV

Samsung 4K UHD 2019 UE55RU8005

This is the last thing you should do on your Samsung Smart TV. Once you have performed all the above steps, the last card you will have left will be to try to put the TV with the configuration it had when you took it out of the box. In each model it is done differently, but you have the detailed process in the Manual or if you search for your model on Google. The process takes a few 10 minutesbut you will need to reinstall all your apps from scratch.

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Problems with Netflix on PlayStation

netflix ps5.jpg

If you use the Sony console to watch Netflix movies and series, there are some specific variables that may prevent you from playing Netflix content on your TV:

Check if PlayStation Network is down

If the PlayStation Network service is down, some services they require Internet on PS4 or PS5 could be affected. you can check if psn is going through yours Official site.

Restart the app on your PlayStation

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 apps continue to run in the background even if you switch to a video game or other app. Closing open apps can improve the performance of your PS4 or PS5, as well as fix specific Netflix app problems.

To close an application on the Sony console, select its icon on the home screen and press the ‘Options‘of your command. A new menu will appear with the option ‘close app‘. Click to close the Netflix app. Now you can reopen it as you normally would.

Problems with Netflix on Xbox

xbox netflix

If you use your console Xbox One or Xbox Series to watch Netflix, the problems that can be encountered are very similar to what we saw in the previous point with the PlayStation. Therefore, proceed as follows:

Check if the Xbox network is working properly

Many Xbox One and Xbox Series apps and features won’t work if xbox network It’s out of order.

To check if it works, visit the official website of the real-time status of the xbox. If there is a check mark then this is not your problem. If not, the Xbox network is having connectivity issues. You will have to wait for it to come back online to watch Netflix or do other online activities. The interruption of the activity can last from a few minutes to a few hours.

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Quit the Netflix app on Xbox

If the Netflix app crashes on your Xbox console, you need to quit and reopen it. To do this, press the center button on the Xbox controller to view the file system menu Y select the Netflix app in the list of recently used apps. Once highlighted, press the menu button on your controller (the one with the three lines) and then press’To leave‘in the context menu. Netflix should close completely and you can now reopen it as usual. Restarting will likely fix your problem.

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