Netflix added 64 new movies and shows this week

going in new style on netflix September 11th

Going in Style is back on Netflix this week – Image: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Welcome to the weekend recap for the full list of what’s been added to Netflix in the US over the past 7 days. This list contains all 50 new movies and all 14 new series added. What’s on Netflix is ​​the only store on the web that provides you accurate summarize the daily lists and we are happy to present you the full list of the last 7 days here.

If you want to look ahead, check out our upcoming guide, which covers everything coming to Netflix between September 12-18.

Before we delve into the full list of 64 new releases, here are some highlights of the titles you may have missed this week.

New on Netflix this weekend and Highlights of the week

Cobra Kai (Season 5)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Launch: Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Xolo Maridueña
Writer: Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg
Execution time: 30 minutes

Since we weren’t able to feature this program in any daily collection last week, here’s another reminder. It was a relatively short wait to get back to the dojos, but all your familiar faces are back and they are more beautiful than ever.

This season, which features a twist towards the end that is reportedly driving people crazy, sees Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence team up against a formidable foe. Even then, they cannot defeat him alone.

The show is arguably the biggest and best show added to Netflix this week and if you haven’t started binging yet, now it’s our final reminder.

Going in style (2017)

Genre: Comedy, crime
Director: Zach Braff
Launch: Michael Caine, Alan Arkin, Ann-Margret
Writer: Theodore Melfi, Edward Cannon
Execution time: 96 minutes

Over the weekend, the unexpected return of the excellent crime comedy Going in Style with the fantastic talents of Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine was added to Netflix.

Unlike most movies that see action stars of the past team up and ultimately deliver a poor puzzle

this film continues to surprise more by offering a fun journey from start to finish.

Here’s what you can expect if you missed the movie during the last stream:

“Pierced by their pensions, three lifelong friends hatch a plot to rob a bank. But they have to stay one step ahead of the FBI. “

Cathedral Square (2021)

Genre: Drama, thriller
Director: Abner Benaim
Launch: Ilse Salas, Fernando Xavier De Casta, Manolo Cardona
Writer: Abner Benaim
Execution time: 94 minutes

Finally, we always like to highlight some of Netflix’s international pickups, as they are often buried within Netflix’s 6,000+ title library.

On Friday, Netflix added the Panamanian film that was shortlisted at the 94th Academy Awards for Best International Film.

Plagued with grief and guilt after a tragic accident, this film’s protagonist finds her world turned upside down when an intelligent teenager crashes into her life with a gunshot wound.

The variety gave the film a brilliant review in December 2021, saying:

“The veracity of the performances makes it moving and genuine, despite the inherent problematic of its focus on the poor guy primarily as a change agent for the wealthy woman.”

The film is only available with the original Spanish audio and English subtitles.

Full list of new releases on Netflix this week

50 new movies added this week

  • Aakhri Adaalat (1988)
  • Aashik Awara (1993)
  • Animal (2016)
  • Asoka (2001)
  • Chaahat (1996)
  • Chadi Jawani Budhe Nu (1976)
  • Chamatkar (1992)
  • Dear Zindagi (2016)
  • Dilwal (2015)
  • Diorama (2022) Netflix Original
  • Season of the Ducks (2004)
  • Ek Jaan Hain Hum (1983)
  • The Return of Ek Villain (2022)
  • Elaan (1994)
  • End of the Road (2022) Netflix Original
  • English Babu Desi Mem (1996)
  • Get smart with money (2022) Netflix Original
  • Going in style (2017)
  • Happy New Year 2014)
  • HollyBlood (2022) Netflix Original
  • Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (1994)
  • Khoon Khoon (1973)
  • Lal Patthar (1971)
  • Manoranjan (1974)
  • Maya Memsaab (1993)
  • Morbio (2022)
  • Mujrim (1989)
  • No Limits (2022) Netflix Original
  • Oh dear Yeh Hai India (1995)
  • One 2 Ka 4 (2001)
  • Cathedral Square (2021)
  • Prince (1969)
  • Professor (1962)
  • Qila (1998)
  • Ram-Jaane (1995)
  • Rodrigo Marques: King of Uncouth (2022) Netflix Original
  • Salaakhen (1998)
  • Sheng Wang: sweet and juicy (2022)
  • Sohni Mahiwal (1985)
  • Sun Cry Moon (2019)
  • Thallumaala (2022)
  • Thallumaala (Kannada) (2022)
  • Thallumaala (Tamil) (2022)
  • Thallumaala (Telugu) (2022)
  • The Anthrax Attacks (2022) Netflix Original
  • The champion (2020)
  • The shadow (2019)
  • Untold: Race of the Century (2022) Netflix Original
  • Vampire Academy (2014)
  • Yaar Gaddar (1994)

14 new TV series added this week

  • Bee and PuppyCat (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Call the midwife (season 11)
  • Chef’s Table: Pizza (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Cobra Kai (Season 5) Netflix Original
  • CoComelon (Season 6) Netflix Original
  • Diary of a Gigolo (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Trapped (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Indian Predator: A Serial Killer’s Diary (Limited Series) Netflix Original
  • Love between fairy and devil (season 1)
  • Battlements. Know Aude (Season 2) Netflix Original
  • Narco-Saints (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Once Upon a Small Town (Season 1 – New episodes weekly) Netflix Original
  • The Imperfect (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Who likes my follower? (Season 1) Netflix Original
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The best movies on Netflix in the US this week

me time kevin hart mark wahlberg film

I time – Cr. Saeed Adyani / Netflix

  1. I time (68 points)
  2. Love in the Villa (61 points)
  3. This is 40 (46 points)
  4. Morbius (38 points)
  5. Despicable Me 2 (37 points)
  6. I came from (35 points)
  7. Warranty (25 points)
  8. The Poison Rose (25 points)
  9. End of the road (20 points)
  10. Despicable Me (20 points)
  11. Sing 2 (20 points)
  12. Snow White and the Hunter (17 points)
  13. Scarface (10 points)
  14. Friday (8 points)
  15. Loving adults (5 points)
  16. Next Friday (3 points)
  17. Save the last dance (1 point)
  18. This is Love (1 point)

The most popular series on US Netflix this week

devil in ohio netflix original september 2022

Image: Netflix

  1. Devil in Ohio (78 points)
  2. Partner Track (48 points)
  3. Echoes (47 points)
  4. I survived a crime (46 points)
  5. Dated and related (42 points)
  6. I’m a killer (26 points)
  7. The imperfect (25 points)
  8. Stranger Things (25 points)
  9. The Sandman (23 points)
  10. Cobra Kai (20 points)
  11. Call the midwife (17 points)
  12. The crown (12 points)
  13. Buy my house (10 points)
  14. High Heat (9 points)
  15. Diary of a gigolo (5 points)
  16. Narco-Santi (4 points)
  17. Selling The OC (2 points)
  18. Virgin River (1 point)

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