Is the next Netflix movie The Good Nurse based on a true story?

The good nurse will receive a limited run in theaters on October 19 before streaming begins a week later, on October 26, and is starring Oscar winners Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne. It also happens to be based on true story by serial killer Charles Cullen, also known as “The Angel of Death”.

Charles Cullen was born in New Jersey in 1960, the youngest of eight children, and would be later

refer to his childhood as “unhappy”. He claimed he was bullied when he was in school, and again later when he served aboard a submarine while in the United States Navy. He has attempted suicide many times in his life, the first time when he was nine and drank chemicals from a chemistry set.

After being discharged from the Navy, Cullen began training as a nurse and worked in that field from 1986 until his arrest in 2003. His family life was troubled, even before he began killing people; according to his ex-wife Adrianne, he was cruel to family dogs (all true crime addicts know it’s a warning sign) and had added lighter fluids to people’s drinks. She ended up filing a restraining order against him, worried it might cause harm to her or their two daughters.

In 1988, Cullen administered a lethal overdose of intravenous drugs to one of his patients at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, where he worked in the burn unit. He later also confessed to killing many other patients and left when the hospital discovered contaminated IV bags and began investigating.

The good nurse

The Good Nurse – Courtesy of Netflix

From there, he went to work at Warren Hospital, where he overdosed three elderly women with a heart medication. One of the victims claimed that a “sneaky nurse” approached while she slept and gave her an injection, but her claim was considered unfounded.

Too bad, because it continued to spiral. Between January and September 1996, while working at Hunterdon Medical Center, she later confessed to killing five patients from overdosing on heart medications.

In 1998, he worked for the Liberty Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Allentown, was in charge of a ward consisting of patients dependent on respirators, and was subsequently accused of administering drugs at unscheduled times. His work was interrupted after he was seen walking into a patient’s room with a handful of syringes.

Despite all of this, she continued to work, especially as there was an ongoing nationwide shortage of nurses. Between 1999 and 2000 you killed at least six patients and attempted to kill at least two others. When she worked at St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a colleague found some drug vials in a basket and it was discovered that Cullen had been taking the drugs. Instead of filing a complaint, the hospital offered him a deal, he resigned and was given a “neutral recommendation”. Seven of his former colleagues alerted the district attorney, suspecting he had used the stolen drugs to kill patients, but nothing was done about it other than a so-called failed investigation.

Cullen’s last job was Somerset Medical Center in New Jersey, where he worked in the intensive care unit. It killed at least 13 patients in a year, and eventually the hospital realized something was wrong when their computer system showed it was accessing patient records that hadn’t been assigned and requesting medications that weren’t prescribed for any of the patients. his own patients. In 2003, the New Jersey Poison Information and Education System warned Somerset that there was a possibility that one of their employees was killing patients … and it took another three months for the hospital to let authorities know what. was happening. This resulted in the deaths of at least five other patients.

How faithful is The Good Nurse to real life events?

This is where the events of The good nurse although it remains to be seen how close to the original story the film will remain a nurse named Amy Loughren (played by Chastain in The good nurse) contacted the police to let them know that they were concerned about Cullen’s history of buying drugs and the possibility that he was responsible for the deaths of patients. With her help, the authorities were finally able to arrest Charles Cullen.

Judging by the trailer for The good nurseIt appears that the police are contacting Amy, rather than her contacting them. But, whatever the variations between real life and the script, The good nurse it looks like a good watch with top notch acting shows and lots of chilling content.

Do you think Netflix does a good job with its thrillers? Will you watch The Good Nurse? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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