Cardano, Bitcoin, and Big Eyes: Three Crypto Tokens to Watch This Crypto Winter

The cryptocurrency winter has left many investors struggling to get more out of their wallets. With the huge price cuts undergone by crypto tokens, it is common for investors to experience fear and uncertainty. As the cryptocurrency winter continues to affect token prices, investors are advised not to miss this opportunity to buy the drop. They should embrace token price discounts and load up on good projects that are currently trading below their value. Before purchasing any crypto token, investors are encouraged to conduct thorough research on projects to prevent the purchase of shoddy duds or projects. Fundamentals, use cases, and tokenomics are three areas that investors should investigate before allocating capital to any project.

Three crypto token investors should be watching this crypto winter Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin (BTC) e Big eyes (BIG EYES). These three crypto projects have solid foundations, a solid user base, and well-structured tokenomics. Investors should take a closer look at these crypto projects as they are ready to rebound after the crypto winter. Here is a brief summary of each project.

Taking a Advantage – Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) is a PoS (Proof of Stake) blockchain founded in 2017. Its goal is to build a decentralized project that allows innovators and creators to build and create positive change in the world. Blockchain has gained widespread use and relevance, including by helping farms track and monitor their farm-to-fork activities. This and other Cardano utilities have made it one of the top-tier crypto projects by ranking 8th.

The ADA token is Cardano’s reward and governance token. It allows its community to participate in the decision-making process by giving them the right to vote on blockchain-related matters. In addition, the 2021 “Alonzo” hard fork brought the functionality of smart contracts to the blockchain. This has further attracted more builders and developers to the space. Cardano is ready to experience a regrowth in the next bull market. Keeping an eye on this project will help you reap the rewards.

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A Bigger Apple Bite: Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency project and was launched in 2009. The project was launched by one or more individuals under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto has published a white paper detailing how Bitcoin will be used as censorship-resistant money that would facilitate internet transactions. The project would be a peer-to-peer network facilitated by nodes managed by validators. Furthermore, the network will be protected using a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism where difficult math problems would have to be solved to create new blocks.

BTC is the token utility of the network and is the “money” spent on the network. Users receive their tokens in a crypto wallet address protected by seed phrases. Bitcoin is by far the most popular crypto project and has been here since the beginning.

The new name in town – Big Eyes (BIG EYES)

Big Eyes (BIG EYES) is a community token created to give users more flexibility in the DEFI and NFT ecosystem. The project aims to channel liquidity into the DEFI and NFT ecosystems and increase access to users who hold the BIG EYES token. Big Eyes is a fully community driven project and would be wholly owned by its community. At launch, 90% of the token would be available to users. The project is designed to offer users more options and flexibility when accessing the DEFI protocols. Finally, it would simplify DEFI and make it more accessible to users in the crypto space.

The Big Eyes project is ready to create a new paradigm in the NFT and DEFI spaces. You can become one of the first members of this project by participating in the ongoing presale. Remember that you can earn various bonuses and bonuses can stack up. He buys the tokens today and becomes a pioneer. Start buying BIG EYES tokens today

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