Bolton Wanderers boss Ian Evatt on Netflix or an Amazon-style documentary at the club

IAN Evatt admits he would have second thoughts about inviting documentary cameras behind the scenes Wanderers again.

Former Wanderers boss Phil Parkinson is currently at the center of a Disney Plus documentary about his efforts to revive Wrexham under the ownership of Hollywood A-listers Ryan Renyolds and Rob McElhenney.

Evatt had limited exposure during his time at Bolton, with a production company allowing limited brief access for a two-part program that aired on YouTube last year.

Bolton’s boss says he enjoyed watching the likes of Mikel Arteta and Pep Guardiola in Amazon’s All or Nothing.

“I looked at a little bit of that of Arsenal,” he said. “I’ve seen most of them. I’ve seen Pep’s and I need to work on my drawings because Mikel looks like a great art designer, with pre-game stuff of him.

“But these are interesting things, aren’t they?” Those are good insights and we took a look at ours, the little two-part episode. ”

Asked whether it would allow documentary crews to re-enter UniBol, Evatt admits he would have doubts.

“We had this conversation,” he said. “I think it would be great for the fans to get a real insight into how it really works and how hard everyone works, not just the football department, but how the whole club works. Neil (Hart) works hard and his team behind the scenes and you know these people on a personal level.

“It’s hard because people describe how we are as people from how the team plays on Saturday and also from the snippets they get from you guys (the media) and sometimes people might think I’m not a very nice guy.”

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Opposition supporters have certainly expressed their opinion on Evatt’s comments over the past couple of years, not least from local club Wigan Athletic.

But Evatt laughed when he recalled a recent meeting with Latics supporters during his summer vacation.

“Now I’ll tell you a little story,” he said, “I know the Wigan fans hate me, and that’s okay, it fits me perfectly. My first day of vacation, there was a Wigan fan around the pool and he given a lot of social media abuse, which was returned to me.

“I approached him and we finally shook hands and said ‘actually, you’re a good guy’ and I said ‘well, I’m actually a good guy!’ “I’m portrayed as the big bad wolf, but I’m actually fine, I think I’m a decent guy and I think you (the media) will vouch for me.

“To get a real view it would be great for people to see it and then form their own opinions based on how we are on a daily basis and not based on interviews. But having said that, I would find it slightly odd, I have to say.

“I think the players would do it too because those four walls are really personal and private and what they say in those four walls, I want to stay between me and the players.

“Obviously, I will share with you (the media) some things that I think can be shared and should be shared, but I think it is a very personal space and would it affect what I say? Perhaps.”

Evatt wondered if the presence of the cameras would affect his dialogue with the players.

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“Would Michel do all those drawings and take out the light bulb without the cameras there? I don’t know, maybe he would, maybe not, but to me it’s the chicken and the egg, isn’t it?

“I think it would be really great for people to get to know you on a personal level, but I also think it’s a really personal space and a personal thing and I wouldn’t want it to become a sideshow and downplay what we have.” I’m trying to do here.

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