Ana de Armas felt the spirit of Marilyn Monroe during the filming

Ana de Armas said she felt the spirit of Marilyn Monroe as she was shooting the upcoming movie on Netflix blondein which de Armas plays the Hollywood icon.

blonde is based on Joyce Carol Oates’ book of the same name and follows a fictionalized version of Monroe’s life. Knives out the de Armas star was speaking at a press conference for the film alongside her co-stars when she claimed she heard the ghost of Monroe next to her during filming.

“She was happy, but sometimes she also threw things off the walls and got angry when she didn’t like something,” said de Armas, as reported by Bible kid.

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“Being in the same places he was, shooting at his house, there seemed to be a very strong feeling, there was something in the air.”

He continued: “I think he was approving of what we were doing, maybe this sounds very mystical or something, but I think it’s true, we all felt it.”

blonde is directed by The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford director Andrew Dominick, who also wrote the film adaptation. Oscar winner Adrian Brody plays Arthur Miller, a famous playwright and Monroe’s third husband. Meanwhile, Ant man star Bobby Cannavale plays New York Yankees baseball player Joe DiMaggio, Monroe’s second husband.

ana de armas as marilyn monroe in blonde


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De Armas initially received criticism for her Monroe accent when the film’s trailer was released, but producer Brad Pitt and the Monroe estate both defended the actress for her portrayal.

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Reviews so far have been mixed, with praise being directed to de Armas for his performance (he received a 14-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival), although there has been criticism of Monroe’s overall portrayal and style of the film.

blonde releases on Netflix on September 28th.

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