5 features you can use on Netflix you weren’t aware of

There are tricks on Netflix for a better experience

Netflix has become the perfect ally for moments of boredom, stress or for those days when you don’t want to leave the house. However, there is a lot about this platform that you probably don’t know yet, especially when it comes to using the platform streaming.

Why not; It’s not just about picking your favorite series and playing it, far from it. Behind each piece of content we have several tricks that will make it more than interesting for you and yours as you can see. And is that with them you can make both your series and films or documentaries, even more interesting.

Regardless of where you are in the world, or whether it is with a PC, TV or mobile phone, you will be able to use various tips and tricks that will make you much more complete experience. Therefore, if you are a regular user of this platform, this data is very likely to catch your attention.

What we have

Because, despite being one of the most popular subscription services and having recently suffered the first loss of users in its history, there is no doubt that Netflix has become a ubiquitous part of our lives and homes. However, just as is often the case with our closest family and friends, we always do there are things to discover from them.

For instance; Did you know that you can play the content of at the same time with another person far from you? Or that you get the chance to play the new ones game tool from the app itself? Well, this is what we will show you next; and the best part is that they will all be simple.

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Download content

While the most convenient way to use Netflix is ​​to stream series and movies from its catalog, you can also download them. With this feature you can save your favorite series to enjoy them when you don’t have the connection or, for example, to limit the use of the platform for the little ones in the house.

Doing so is the simplest. Just access the content you want to download from your smartphone or tablet and click on the arrow you will see. The content will automatically start downloading to your device and, once finished, you can see it offline. Of course, remember that each chapter takes up, on average, around 400MB, so you have to be careful not to run out of space on your device.

Customize your subtitles

Although the Spanish dub has some truly remarkable voices, and many great behind-the-scenes interpretations, the emphasis given by the dubbing of the original version is irreplaceable; which is why more and more users start seeing content in VOS or original version with subtitles.

And it is that although English keeps fewer and fewer secrets for the general public, Netflix has a lot of other content in a wide variety of languages ​​such as German, French, Swedish, Japanese or Chinese, for which subtitles have become one of ours. great allies. However, depending on the series, the subtitles are not always completely legible, or in some cases the opposite, distracting our attention too much.

To change it, we’ll just have to go to the official tool website and, with our session and user selected, edit and customize these settings as much as we want.

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Play your series in sync with yours

The Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) extension became very popular during the pandemic because it allowed loved ones to watch the same series or movie even in different homes. This free tool, available in browsers Chrome and Edgeallows Internet users to play the content at the same time.

In case one pauses the video to go for a snack or the WiFi connection goes down, the other side of the “Netflix party” will also pause the video. Also, the extension has a chat window on the one hand to comment on what you see.

Netflix app games

You can use their video games from the platform

Another point you probably didn’t know is that the netflix app for android

hides a secret that you can have a lot of fun with … and that has a surprise: the platform of streaming It also has games.

A fun way to get even more out of some of the most successful series in its catalog, such as Stranger Things. To access it, simply open the app and type ‘games’ in the search bar. The result will show you a selection of available titles. Then tap the game you want to open and tap “Get Game” to install it on your device.

Clear viewing history

All searches on the platform are logged. But they can delete to protect privacy of those who have multiple profiles in the same account: no one has to know what the other is seeing.

To be able to delete searches, you simply need to go to the history, click the icon to hide offensive content from the viewing history and it will delete from your archives in 24 hours. Sure; This information is also important as it is used by Netflix itself to bring you new content that may be of interest to you.

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