Best Netflix Original Animated Series To Stream Right Now

Animation can be one of the best forms of content due to its ability to show a world that cannot be turned into CGI in movies or TV shows. It allows for a unique kind of flexibility, not to mention voice acting which can be considered an art in itself and even more difficult than physical acting. It takes a lot of heart to make an animated series so that it can explain why animation is so widely adored by people all over the world. And that’s why you may have seen a huge spike in animated series and movies on streaming platforms.

Netflixin 2019, spent over $ 1 billion on creating animated originals and on hired creator teams who would be given complete freedom to create whatever they wanted. The popular streaming platform has offered us some of the best TV shows and movies since it started producing original content in 2012. To date, 40% of all content on the platform is Netflix originals, but the streaming platform has only just begun. to provide us with animated content over the past two years, especially following its partnership with Nickelodeon and acquiring the rights to other animated properties. Giving animators the money and the freedom to create what they wanted may have been a great idea on Netflix’s part because it gave us largely creative and binged shows. We’ve ranked some of the best Netflix original animated series for you to watch.


6 Internal work

Put on your tinfoil hat for this. If you’re someone who likes conspiracy theories or workplace television comedies, this animated series from the executive producer of Gravity falls and for you. Internal work follows genius Reagen, team leader of Cognito Inc., a company that works on behalf of the deep state to create and hide government conspiracy theories initiated by his father, as he tries to co-manage his team with an underqualified, and half the time confused, Brett. Internal work mentions some of the biggest conspiracies that have become popular in modern times such as flat earth, clones, and reptoids, all combining workplace antics. The show is expected to release more episodes soon, however Deadline

so it’s the perfect time to start watching.

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5 Big mouth

If you haven’t started this series that has become extremely popular on Netflix, it’s never too late. Co-created by childhood friends Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, with the acting voice of comedian John Mulaney, this animated series offers a fascinating and rightfully disgusting depiction of puberty in a way you’ve never seen before. In this creative version of pre-adolescent puberty, Big mouth follows Nick and Andrew, two best friends, as they try to cope with puberty with their friends, with the help of their hormonal monsters. This is the perfect show for adults looking to laugh, and maybe even remember their early days of puberty and some of the things they wanted to forget. Big mouth is expected to release its sixth season in the fall, so there is sure to be plenty to binge and enjoy.

4 The Midnight Gospel

A very different show from any other on this list, from comedian Duncan Trussell and Adventure timePendleton Ward, The Midnight Gospel follows Clancy Gilroy as she travels to different worlds to interview the strange creatures there for her “space transmission”. Each episode delves into deep and vulnerable topics of drug use, forgiveness, positivity to death, and more. The series follows a podcast structure and feels more like a real conversation between friends, all while the animation tells unique and psychedelic stories in each episode that can have the same meaning as the topics they talk about. The Midnight Gospel it’s a show for people looking for something different or something to make them think, feel or learn. Netflix sadly canceled this show after a season, but you can still enjoy the first season in all its underrated glory.

3 BoJack Knight

Another popular animated series that, if it hasn’t already got you involved, should have a chance, BoJack Knight he has gained a cult following for his ability to touch upon very sensitive topics such as depression, substance abuse and trauma. She follows her titular character, a former sitcom star who now struggles to find happiness and fulfillment in her life, trying to make a comeback while she also tries to balance her personal life. The series is treated very much like a sitcom, except that she is able to easily, and always with a laugh, portray her sensitive topics about her in a way that live-action simply cannot. . Although the show is often considered very dark and depressing, it is a fantastic depiction of mental health struggles and can still make you laugh. The show wrapped in January 2020, but there are still six seasons left to binge on Netflix.

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2 Kipo and the Age of Wonderful Beasts

Chances are you’ve never heard of this. Kipo and the Age of Wonderful Beasts takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and focuses on a girl named Kipo Oak as she goes out into a world run by mutant animals to find her father. The show creates an extraordinary and unique world filled with equally unique and diverse characters. The show ended after three seasons, and despite being incredibly underrated, it has developed a loyal fan base thanks to its epic adventure storyline and the representation it provides. The perfect show for those looking for an animated series with a complete story to tell.

1 Arcane

Arcane is an adaptation of the animated series of the popular battle arena game League of Legends. In the past, there have been very questionable video game adaptations, but there have also been some cases where the adaptation performs well on its own compared to the video game. And Arcane is considered one of the best video game adaptations due to the story and its ability to evoke emotions in its viewers. Not to mention the well-developed set of characters that each have their own time to shine and the jaw-dropping animation. The series follows two league champions caught in the midst of a war between the utopian city, Piltover, and the oppressed city, Zaun. Arcane will return with a second season that has yet to be given a release date, and fans can’t wait to see what happens after the first season’s cliffhanger.

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