Can you turn your smartphone into a thermometer?

Over the years, smartphones have rapidly evolved to become powerful little machines. With the convergence of technology, smartphones are equipped to handle a wide variety of daily activities, knocking out many individual devices. An average smartphone can easily perform the tasks of a music player, camera, watch, maps, GPS, video player, and, to some extent, even a computer, for a fraction of the price. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether a smartphone can be modified and also perform the functions of a thermometer. In this article, we explore whether a smartphone can be turned into a thermometer.

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Why don’t modern smartphones have thermometers?

Why don't modern smartphones have thermometers?  thermometer app

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People often wonder why smartphones are not equipped with a digital thermometer despite being so technologically advanced. The answer is simple, the internal temperature of a smartphone makes it nearly impossible to get an accurate external reading. Some smartphones already have internal thermometers that check the internal temperature of the device. Once the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, it will alarm the smartphone to reduce its operation until the normal temperature is restored.

In order for a smartphone to measure body temperature, it would require an external heat sensor that is in no way affected by the heat emitted by the smartphone. Since an external sensor would be an additional part of the device which would only have one function, it is not included in the device. The design of the smartphone should also be modified to accommodate the sensor. Most companies don’t see the payoff as big as the effort required to include a thermometer in a smartphone.

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Samsung incorporated a thermometer with the Galaxy S4 and Note 3, but the idea didn’t take off among its buyers. First, the instructions for using the thermometer were too complicated, requiring you to let the phone cool completely and make sure the heat from your hands doesn’t affect the temperature reading. Even after following all the instructions, the temperature readings were not entirely accurate. Samsung dropped the idea in later versions of the Note and Galaxy smartphones.

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What about the thermometer apps?

If you explore the Google Play Store, you will find several thermometer apps that claim to provide accurate temperature readings. These apps aren’t reliable at all, as a smartphone doesn’t have the hardware these apps could use to function as a thermometer. Our advice is to stay away from such apps, as they may attempt to send malware under the guise of a thermometer app.

We are certain digital thermometers which comes with a smartphone app that syncs the reading from the external thermometer to your smartphone. You can record these temperature readings on your phone and monitor them over a period of time. Readings can also be instantly shared with your doctor from your smartphone.

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