Save up to 48% on EcoFlow’s amazing portable power plants this Prime Day

Summer is here and, together with the longer days, it offers the opportunity to take a break from the monotonous routine and spend time outdoors dedicating to the activities you love, whether it be camping, a day at the beach or a picnic in the park. While being outdoors can recharge you enough, your gadget friends are sure to need some help. A power bank can charge your phone or laptop, but if you have lights and small appliances like an electric stove or refrigerator to power it, investing in a portable power plant is the way to go. If you are looking for one, you are in luck because EcoFlow has some tempting discounts on a range of power plants for the next Amazon Prime Day Sale.


Think of power plants as supercharged power banks, only their capacity and capacity far exceeds that of the latter. They offer a variety of input and output ports, including but not limited to USB Type-C, AC / DC sockets, and car ports. Some even go a step further and have a display to help you monitor input / output levels and boast a companion app for control and monitoring. That’s not all, though. You can even connect some to a solar panel to recharge the battery when you are outdoors – collecting green energy has never been easier!

Unlike traditional gas generators, these plants run quietly and don’t need to be refitted for the winter. In addition to being great outdoor companions, they are also extremely useful during outages and emergencies, with some being able to run critical gadgets and appliances for a few days.

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EcoFlow has a range of power plants with varying capacities and output ports, so getting something that best meets your needs shouldn’t be difficult.

1) EcoFlow DELTA

Source: EcoFlow

EcoFlow Delta lets you stay in command of most situations with a rich 1.2kWh battery that can power more gadgets and appliances without breaking a sweat. It features six AC outlets, two 60W USB Type-C ports, two 18W USB Type-A fast charging ports, two 12W USB Type-A ports, one car port and one standard DC 13.6V. With 1800W combined power, you can power anything from your laptop to an electric grill or air conditioner.

When the battery is low, DELTA goes from 0 to 80% in just 60 minutes and a full charge takes only about 1.6 hours. If there’s no teasing, solar and car charging stand will save the day.

The DELTA 1300 has an MSRP of $ 1399 but drops to a sweet $ 999 during the Amazon Prime Day sale.

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2) EcoFlow DELTA + 160W Solar Panel

Source: EcoFlow

The EcoFlow DELTA can also be attached to solar panels to take advantage of clean and free energy. If you don’t want to increase your electricity bills, EcoFlow’s 160W solar panel is a smart choice with its high conversion efficiency of up to 22%. It’s also IP67 rated, so you don’t have to worry about the elements when you’re out and about. A single 160W panel can take 10-21.5 hours to fully charge the station, but you can connect up to two more panels to greatly speed up the process.

The DELTA + 160W solar panel combo has an MSRP of $ 1849, but you can get the combo for a 31% discount ($ 1279) during the Prime Day sale.

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3) EcoFlow DELTA Max

Source: EcoFlow

DELTA Max is the answer to “how should I deal with blackouts?”. The unit packs a 2kWh battery that can be expanded up to 6kWh – with additional batteries – that can power your appliances, from refrigerator to oven, for hours on end. Its 2400W output can power up to 15 devices simultaneously, and for appliances that require more power, the unit’s X-Boost mode can deliver up to 3400W of power.

There’s no shortage of output ports here, with the Max featuring six AC outlets, two 100W USB Type-C ports, two 18W USB Type-A fast charging ports, two 12W USB Type-A ports, two 13.6V DC ports and one parking space. The unit also boasts EcoFlow’s fast charging technology which can recharge the battery in 1.8 hours.

DELTA Max supports the EcoFlow app, which allows you to view energy consumption control and customize settings remotely.

The DELTA Max has a sticker price of $ 2099 but will go for just $ 1799 during the Prime Day sale.

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4) EcoFlow DELTA Max + 160W Solar Panel

Like EcoFlow DELTA, DELTA Max can also be clipped to solar panels to absorb clean, green energy. However, you can connect up to four of these panels to the Max to charge it in just four hours.

The DELTA Max + 160W solar panel combo retails for $ 2549 but can be picked up for just $ 1999 during the sale.

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5) EcoFlow DELTA Pro

Source: EcoFlow

If you’re looking for something heavier, your search will likely end with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro, which features a huge 3.6kWh battery capable of powering up to 4500W of appliances. It has enough to power your RV or campsite, and with a plethora of exit ports, you can power up to 15 devices and appliances at the same time.

DELTA Pro offers extreme charging flexibility. Its wall charger can do the job in just 2.7 hours, but it also supports up to 1600W of solar charging input, which can take 2.8 to 5.5 hours. It’s not all. In addition to supporting car door charging, it is also the first power plant to support electric vehicle charging. If you’re on the go, you can recharge it at thousands of Level 2 EV AC stations in just 1.7 hours.

With so much power, it’s natural to worry about safety, but EcoFlow’s advanced battery management system monitors voltage, current and temperature levels in real time to ensure safe and optimal performance.

The DELTA Pro retails for $ 3699 but can be picked up for $ 3199 during the Amazon Prime Day sale.

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6) EcoFlow RIVER

Source: EcoFlow

The RIVER is an excellent option for those who want to access portable power without carrying the bulk. Weighing in at just 5.3kg, the RIVER has a capacity of 288Wh and, with ten different outlet ports, is well equipped to keep your devices running on your adventures. With 1800W peak power, it can easily power appliances such as refrigerators and electric cookers.

It is also one of the fastest portable charging stations, going from 0 to 100 in just 1.6 hours. There is also support for solar charging up to 200W.

The EcoFlow RIVER retails for $ 349, but you can pick it up for just $ 229 during sales and leave your power woes at home the next time you go on your trip.

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7) EcoFlow RIVER Pro + 160W Solar Panel

Source: EcoFlow

If the RIVER’s capacity isn’t enough, the RIVER Pro is definitely a worthy consideration that increases the capacity to 720 Wh without adding much weight – it weighs just 16.8 pounds (7.62kg). It features ten output ports, including three AC outlets and one USB Type-C port.

Although it has a larger battery, it still takes only 1.6 hours to charge, and with the bundled 160W solar panel it can make the most of time out in the sun. For those who want to keep an eye on input and output levels, the companion app EcoFlow offers accurate real-time images and statistics.

The RIVER Pro + 160W solar panel combo has an MSRP of $ 1099, but EcoFlow is lowering the price to just $ 799 during the Prime Day sale.

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