HashBrownSwap Appointed Ian Scarffe as Blockchain and Crypto Advisor

Taipei, Taiwan–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–HashBrown Exchange (HBS) announced the appointment of ian scarf such as Blockchain and Crypto Advisor. During the cold crypto winter, hot HBS tokens are scheduled to start trading on HashBrownSwap on Independence Day, 4the July 2022.

HBS is an open, cross-chain DeFi platform with a next-generation exchange and user-friendly wallet designed for everyone to use. As the latest generation of DeFi wallet, non-cryptocurrency users can access the HBS web browser wallet in a matter of minutes. Wallet security is enhanced with automated control of private keys, activated by a user’s email and Google Authenticator.

using MASFi public blockchainWith HBS’s cross-chain technology, the wallets can store BTC, ETH, and BNB without any network setup. BTC, ETH, and BNB transfers complete in 1-3 seconds with $0.10 gas, currently waived during public beta. With credit card, USD and EUR access to be introduced in Q3 2022, HBS offers users a powerful payment system, especially for cross-border payments, using BTC, ETH and USDT.

In addition to cross-chain trading capabilities such as BTC/USDT(ERC20) and BNB/USDT(ERC20) trading pairs, HBS aims to build a complete DeFi ecosystem through co-branding with payments, financial products, deposits and loans. , exchange. , NFTs, game companies and metaverses. The HBS Smart Contract Wallet enables automatic and transparent fee sharing with these strategic partners.

HBS is integrated with Ave, an on-chain data terminal. Trading information and k-line charts of Altcoins listed on HBS can be viewed on the Ave website, which includes FARKthe first alternative currency, Free Arc DAO Tokenlisted on HBS on May 17, 2022.

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Aaron Tsaifounder of H.B.S., MASFi public blockchain Y MASCapital, along with a technology team led by CTO Simon Hsu, a former Microsoft architect, launched HBS for public beta in December 2021, with funding provided by MAS Capital (Cayman Islands). HBS is currently conducting a simultaneous public sale and private sale of HBS tokens for a combined offering of USDT3 million. The public offering price of HBS is USDT0.018.

About Ian Scarffe

Ian Scarffe is globally recognized as a leading blockchain and crypto advisor. Ian is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from all over the world. Ian is one of the top global Blockchain influencers and the highest ranked Fintech member of the Global List: People of Blockchain. As a leading entrepreneur, Ian has a personal mission to develop a company culture, help new businesses reach their full potential, and help existing businesses expand. A leading expert in the Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the center of the financial industry revolution worldwide and currently consults and advises a variety of multi-million dollar companies.

About HashBrownSwap

HashBrownSwap is an open cross-chain DeFi platform with a next-generation exchange designed for everyone. HBS is also a B2B2C platform for co-branding with strategic partners to quickly launch or expand their payment service, financial products, deposit and loan, exchange, NFT, gaming and metaverse.

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