Two Of Stranger Things Season 4’s Most Emotional Moments Were Improvised

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season four.

The final two episodes of Stranger Things tugged on our heartstrings in the best possible way.

The Netflix series has spent the past few weeks building up the climactic confrontation between Eleven and Vecna, and the finale to season four didn’t disappoint.

With a combined runtime of almost four hours, season four’s second volume was practically a series in its own right and delivered on the dramatic tension that had been building up over the last few episodes.

As it turns out, some of the most emotional moments in the season finale were lines improvised by the actors.

One of the biggest moments was the passionate kiss between Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Hopper (David Harbour) after escaping from a Soviet gulag.

The characters have been growing closer for a while now and the relationship has been on the cards pretty much since Joyce’s last love interest Bob (Sean Astin) was tragically torn apart by monsters in season two.

It turns out that the kiss between Joyce and Hopper wasn’t even in the script and was something the actors decided should be put into the show when the time came to film their scenes.

While that moment probably had thousands of shippers punching the air, another part of the show left fans in tears as everybody’s favourite dungeon master Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) died.

A new addition to Stranger Things, audiences quickly fell in love with the leader of the Hellfire Club.

While Eddie was the bait in the upside down, Max played that role in Hawkins and paid dearly for it.

Although she once again escaped death, it was only a last minute intervention from Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) that left Max severely injured.

Watching over Max was Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), whose emotional line ‘Erica, help’ as he pleaded for his younger sister to aid him in saving Max’s life tugged on the heartstrings.

Lo and behold, it was yet another improvised line which came from the young actor.

As for what comes next, there’s only one more season of Stranger Things to go and according to Screen Rant there could be a while to wait before we get there.

Hawkins was left split open by Vecna at the end of season four, with the baddie recovering from his defeat to set up a final showdown between himself and Eleven.

The second volume of Stranger Things season four is streaming now on Netflix.

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