Netflix 2022: The Fastest and Easiest Ways to Pick a TV Show or Movie

Netflix is a streaming platform with thousands of movies and TV shows to choose from.

But you do not have time to sit in front of your TV and scroll through the selections. You can check out our tips for a faster and easier way to choose what to watch on your movie night. 

Make a Decision with Less Information

One of the reasons why you can’t choose any movie or TV show to watch despite having a lot of options is because you have too much information on each choice, according to How to Geek. 

You can choose something to watch based on the title and the thumbnail alone.

Also, you can check a TV show or movie’s first few minutes and decide if you want to continue or not. It is the best way to choose what to watch than reading the descriptions before pressing play.

You might even get surprised and actually enjoy the show even if the description isn’t as enticing. 

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Go From General to Specific

The key strategy to defeating choice paralysis is to filter your options. You can do this by going from the general page to the specific listings, according to Thrillist

You can start by deciding whether you want to watch a movie or start a TV show that will already eliminate a bunch of options. 

Next, you need to decide the genre. Look for a show or TV based on what you want to feel. Either you want to cry, laugh, or be scared. The choices would eventually boil down to specific titles like comedy, sci-fi, or horror movies. 

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The most important thing is that every time you make a decision, you do not spend any time thinking about the ones you’ve decided. 

Check Out the Trending or Top 10 List

Trending or Top 10 Lists shows you the titles that most believe are fun or interesting to watch, so you can trust them to pick your next show.

Netflix has made sure that the Top 10 List and Trending List will show what is in demand in your region, according to Business Insider. 

These categories tend to have a variety of shows, so you can choose one at random and pick one closest to your taste and start watching it. 

Check Out Uncommon Criteria

Using the standard criteria like “reality TV” or “comedy” to narrow down your options might leave you with either really good or bad choices. 

It is best to set your own rules, like only choosing between movies that star your favorite actor or ones that are set in a specific place or time. 

You can even make your criteria and categories. Chances are the movies and shows that match your taste, so you won’t have trouble picking something to watch.  

Watch the Show to Movie that is Close to What You’re Finishing 

Instead of looking for something new to watch and getting stuck in a loop, you can watch shows that you’ve already started in order of which is closest to being done. 

This means you can get those shows off your list, but if you are no longer interested in completing them, delete them from your list and move on to the next one.

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