BitPay confirms acceptance of SHIB, DOGE in Uber Eats, but here’s the catch

Good news for owners of Shiba Inu SHIB and Dogecoin DOGE. Users can now pay for food deliveries from Uber Eats and DoorDash using their payment provider-enabled cryptocurrencies BitPay

Apart from that, BitPay has also extended the service to include other cryptocurrencies such as the inclusion of Bitcoin [BTC]Ethereum [ETH]Bitcoin Cash [BCH]Litecoin [LTC]XRP, come on [DAI]Bitcoin wrapped [WBTC]and stablecoin.

However, you need to buy BitPay gift cards and BitPay cards as Uber Eats and DoorDash don’t accept direct crypto payments yet.

Additionally, cryptocurrency holders can purchase gift cards via BitPay from a wide range of well-known takeaway restaurants, including quick services and favorite dishes such as Bonefish Grill, Chili’s, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Steak ‘n Shake, and many more.

According to blog posta second payment option for users is through the BitPay partner Menufy which allows you to pay for takeaway or delivery from local restaurants or national chains directly from a crypto wallet.

For Europeans, you can use the same service using, the blog added.

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BitPay confirms acceptance of SHIB, DOGE in Uber Eats, but here’s trick 3

A month ago, another giant fast food player, Chipotle, a Mexican restaurant chain, enabled Shiba Inu, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through the Flexa digital payments platform.

This means of payment has been made available in over 2,975 Chipotle restaurants across the United States.

Shiba Inu payments are now enabled in 179 countries

BitPay began supporting the Shiba Inu coin in December 2021. In early June, the payment company partnered with an Edge non-custodial wallet where customers can buy, sell, trade and spend over 130 digital assets.

Through this integration, Shiba Inu payments have been made accessible in 179 countries, which further strengthened the adoption of the resource.

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And the good news is that the current drop in the market hasn’t dented the token’s growing popularity. In fact, SHIB was among the seven new coins Coinbase Commerce added to its payment options, TronWeekly reported.

From numerous exchanges and supermarket chains to high-end retailers, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon to add the popular meme coin as a form of payment.

Luxury watches such as Tag Heuer, Hublot, and Breitling are some examples that have recently incorporated cryptocurrencies via the BitPay payment processor.

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