BAUGHaus presents Patty Plates Ornaments for Jamaica 60

Mini Cupcake Ornaments (Photo: Dana Baugh / BAUGHaus Design Studio)

Dana Baugh, principal and ceramist of the BAUGHaus Design Studio, presented, just in time for the 60th year of Jamaica’s Independence, a series of culturally specific, celebratory and finely crafted porcelain pieces, each of which is reminiscent of our own inheritance. The first in the series is their patty plate and Christmas tree ornaments.

“BAUGHaus Design Studio seeks to elevate Jamaican culinary culture by creating specific functional tableware inspired by the Jamaican culinary experience,” shared Baugh, founder and creative director of BAUGHaus, “I have always been fascinated by the tools and gadgets used in other countries of the world that were invented specifically for their cuisine and have always wondered: ‘Why not Jamaica?’ “Why not!” The aromatic profiles of Jamaican food are among the best and most varied in the world; why we have not made utensils , dishes and utensils specifically for some of our most special dishes? ” he questioned before continuing; “The Jamaican beef patty is not just street food, but a cultural icon, worthy of making tableware just for the experience of enjoying a warm, crumbly and delicious patty!”

It’s not a better time Style observer calculates, to highlight and indeed elevate the iconic pie. The one thing that has remained consistently good over the past five or more decades (The Tastee Patty is 56).

Our tip is to place your order early for this unique gift.

Pre-orders will open on July 1, 2022 on their website

Patty dishes are available in three colors: white, charcoal and turmeric (yellow). In true BAUGHaus style, the upgraded options are in 18k gold and palladium.

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Patty plates feature a simple design, taking design cues from the scalloped edge of modern meatballs.

A “Likkle Box Drink Juice Box” was paired with the pie plate in keeping with the tradition of enjoying a pie with an iced drink. The porcelain drink boxes are also handcrafted by BAUGHaus and available on their website.

Delight your friends and family with a warm patty, served on a patty plate with a homemade frozen fruit (or rum) punch in a china juice box!

Turmeric Christmas tree patty ornament

Christmas tree patty ornament in white with 18k gold accents.

Add these adorable cupcake tree ornaments to your BAUGHaus Christmas ornament collection.

Dana Baugh, director and ceramist of the BAUGHaus Design Studio

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