The 15.6 “KYY Portable Monitor packs value with a healthy feature set

The 15.6-inch KYY Portable Monitor is a stylish and functional portable monitor that works well while traveling or as a permanent second monitor for home and office.

This portable display panel is lightweight and sturdy, making it a solid gaming accessory. Greatly expands the field of view when using a mobile phone or small screen game console.

The large screen easily adjusts to landscape or portrait orientation. Its multimodal viewing feature offers built-in flexibility to improve work productivity, as well as making leisure viewing fun and hassle-free.

Switching between modes depends on the display functions of the host computer. If provided, your computer’s display and orientation settings for scene mode, HDR mode, and three-in-one display mode are used. The combination of Duplicate Mode / Extended Mode / Second Screen Mode makes this model quite suitable for meeting sharing scenarios.

Overall, this KYY portable monitor packs an impressive list of features at a low purchase cost. It is currently available on Amazon in grey (pictured above) at a list price of $ 199.99, or Black for $ 219.99. As of this writing, Amazon has “With Deal” pricing for both colors at $ 161.49.

Practical impressions

The brightness rating of this unit is 300 nits. By most standards, 300 nits is the midpoint for clear and brilliant visual acuity. Most low-end devices display at 250 nits.

Color saturation is slightly below the industry standard because this unit lacks Adobe RBG. But unless you intend to do a lot of graphics work and demand the best visual experience for gaming and video viewing, not having Adobe RBG in the mix shouldn’t be a headache.

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Despite these two factors, I was very happy with the sharpness and brightness of the 300 nit display. It was as good as or better than my large screen laptop and desktop monitors.

Overall, this portable monitor works with Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Mac devices. It also works well with game consoles including PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Targeted tests

To evaluate portable monitors, I focus on the performance of a unit as a second display. This is the key to making sure you make a proper choice.

Portable monitors attached to computers and game consoles are different from a full desktop monitor. Portable monitors are affordable. But they may not be suitable enough to meet all of your expectations.

For example, I often drag windows to a second screen to extend the screen space when working on various documents or video presentations. They are useful when working on content creation or research.

KYY 15.6 inch portable monitor as an extension of the laptop display

Side-by-side: 14 “x 8” display screen with 16: 9 aspect ratio provides an optimized second display panel alongside large-screen portable laptops.

It’s also an easy way to reduce browsing to ever-multiple windows spread across multiple virtual workspaces that all share one monitor. Keeping an eye on two screens side by side with different elements displayed is a new routine for me.

This KYY portable display did its job admirably for graphics editing as well. It worked as well as the more expensive units I use with my office laptops and desktops.

My only complaint with this unit is a picky switch on the left vertical edge that didn’t always respond to accessing the panel menu for brightness settings.

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What’s inside

The 15.6-inch unit is a 1080P FHD IPS USB-C display. It is not a touch screen. But its performance and price offer a nice collection of features.

Its slim 0.3-inch profile is pretty standard for portable monitors. The right vertical edge houses two full-featured USB Type-C ports and one mini-HDMI port. The left vertical border contains the on / off button and the wheel for setting the audio and video functions.

The first USB-C port is used for power. The second USB-C port is used for video transmission and power supply. The mini-HDMI port is used for video transmission but does not support power.

This is an important distinction. The portable monitor does not need a wall outlet if the host computer or game console supports power through its USB Type-C port. But if you connect the two devices with the HDMI cable, you need to use the power plug to B.C.

The KYY monitor comes with a USB-A to USB-C cable that can be connected to the included power plug and other devices. Two USB-C cables are also included.

The assortment of cables and plugs included is compatible with most laptops, smartphones and PCs. However, not all smartphones are compatible.

You can connect a 3.5mm headset to a port on the vertical edge at the bottom left of the panel. Two one-watt speakers are integrated in the middle of the left and right outer edges.

Final thoughts

The 15.6-inch KYY Portable Monitor is a cost-effective solution to accessorize processing time for working, watching videos and playing games. It requires no additional software and only requires minimal configuration.

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Once connected to a computer by cable, the host machine’s display settings will automatically detect the second monitor. You simply need to select the options it provides for how you want it to work in tandem with your primary display.

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