Netflix adapts the hit zombie manga into a movie in 2023

Netflix just announced that a film adaptation of the hit zombie manga series, Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, will be released in 2023.

As incredible as Hollywood is at producing jaw-dropping zombie content for Western audiences, it pales in comparison to the scope and quality that Asian production studios can bring to the genre.

Among South Korean titles like Train to Busan, Kingdom, All of Us Are Dead to Japan’s I Am A Hero and Zombie Land Saga, there are countless must-see Asian representations of carnivorous monsters.

The latest addition to Netflix’s already extensive library of Asian zombie content will be a film adaptation of the hit manga series Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead – here’s everything you need to know.

What is Zom 100: Bucked List of the Dead about?

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is an upcoming dystopian horror comedy adapted from the hit manga written by Haro Aso and drawn by Kotaro Takata.

The story centers on a young man named Akira Tendo, who has been stuck in a mundane job at a production company for the past three years. Overworked, underpaid and under-motivated, Akira has become a mindless zombie himself, with the exact same routine every single day; however, he dreams of a life without work.

Operation: Wolf Hound | UK trailer

Thankfully, Akira’s dreams / nightmares come true when a zombie apocalypse changes the world forever. Despite the hordes of bloodthirsty monsters raging in his city, Akira decides to make the most of a bad situation, thankful that he doesn’t have to go back to work again.

Eventually, and where the real Zom 100 adventure really begins, Akira decides to create a list of 100 things he’d like to accomplish before he’s turned into a zombie himself.

“I think all zombie fans around the world would appreciate it. You will launch yourself and it will brighten your day. So even people who are afraid of zombies can join and watch the movie. I look forward to how Akira struggles to survive with his positive energy! It’s a zombie comedy movie that you’ll feel elated after watching it! ” – Eiji Akaso, via Geeked Week live broadcast.

Zom 100 is present about 19 minutes from the Geeked Week livestream.

Zom 100 live-action movie announced by Netflix

The second day of Netflix’s Geeked Week event, the streaming giant confirmed that a live-action Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead movie was in development.

During the live stream, it was confirmed that the Zom 100 would be out in 2023, but sadly no more specific preview window was revealed.

The only cast member to be revealed for the Zom 100 movie is Eiji Akaso as Akira. Akaso is a 28-year-old actor and model from Osaka, Japan, and is best known for playing Ryuga Banjou in the iconic Kamen Rider franchise. Akaso also appeared in Cherry Magic, Love Me Love Me Not, and Tokyo Women’s Guidebook.

Speaking during the Geeked Week live stream, Akaso sent the following message to fans of the hit manga series:

“Hello loser week! I’m Eiji Akaso and I played the role of Akira in Zombie 100. Akira loses all hope of working in a corrupt company but wakes up to a zombie apocalypse. It’s a survival story of how Akira, with an extraordinarily positive nature, faces this challenge. “- Eiji Akaso, via Geeked Week live broadcast.

Also speaking during the Zom 100 movie during Geeked Week, original manga creator Haro Aso said he was “thrilled to see how my story comes to life in live-action”.

Illustrator Kotaro Takata said that “I would like our story to turn into something fun with the additional creative input of other people” adding that “As a fan of the movies, I can’t wait to see the result”

“You’ll find all the common traits of a zombie movie, yet I wanted to include a new character like Akira that you don’t find common. He is a guy who knows how to best get on in life by doing what he wants. I created the character of Akira to encourage people to be compassionate. “- Haro Aso, via Geeked Week live broadcast.

Where to read the original manga series

From 8 Juneth10 complete volumes of the manga Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead have been published in Japan, with 11th the release is scheduled for June 17thth2022.

However, only six of those volumes were published in English, with 7th the launch is scheduled for August 16th. The good news is that it has never been easier or more convenient to read the hit manga.

Physical copies can be purchased through Amazon, Book storage, Water stones, Bookshelf as well as your local comic shops.

Digital versions can be read via Google Play, iBook, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Angle service.

by Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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