Netflix’s Stranger Things S4 was premiered by Hungarian director Nimród Antal

Netflix’s Stranger Things has finally hit our screens with a packed fourth season. It’s the best thing? Two episodes of the American science fiction horror television series were directed by Hungarian director Nimród Antal who is slowly but surely becoming a household name in Hollywood.

It took three painful years for the hit Netflix show to reappear on our screens. According to Digital spy, the long-awaited fourth season of Stranger Things is divided into two parts; the first volume was released on May 27, while the second will premiere on July 1. The show revolves around a couple of mid-1980s teens battling interdimensional demons and facing Upside Down threats, an alternate dimension that exists parallel to the human world and is inhabited by humanoid predators. The first volume of the series holds a huge surprise for Hungarian viewers or anyone whose heart holds a special place for Hungary as it has been confirmed that the fifth and sixth episodes were directed by Nimród Antal. The next Hungarian-American director and screenwriter has made a name for himself with Hungarian arthouse film Check (2003), a story about two rival teams of ticket inspectors racing along the tracks.

Antal is also well known among Hungarian viewers for his 2017 production, A viszkis (The Whiskey Bandit), a biopic about a drunken Hungarian bank robber and his courageous efforts to stay one step ahead of the police in the time of post-socialist turmoil. Antal broke into Hollywood with his first American feature film, Vacancy (2007), with Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson. The horror thriller, which won a Scream Award, is set in a dilapidated motel room where a married couple are stranded only to discover that they have been taped by an unknown psychopath. Antal’s other works include Metallica Through The Mai (2013), a concert film with the iconic heavy metal band, and predators (2010), an American science fiction action starring Adrian Brody, also of Hungarian descent.

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Antal Nimrod - Stranger Things

Source: Facebook @kritizator

Based on IMDbinformation by Antal Nimród was born in Los Angeles, California into a family of Hungarian descent. He moved to Hungary in 1991 to continue his studies at the Hungarian Film Academy. After graduating, he first conquered Hungarian cinemas and then returned to the United States in 2005 in search of international success. The two Stranger Things episodes directed by Antal and titled “The Nina Project” and “The Dive” were screened on May 27th. After a short break, fans can rejoice again; this time not only the plot, but also the duration of the final episodes will be enormous. The penultimate episode will last 85 minutes, while the finale promises a jaw-dropping two and a half hour entertainment. Prepare your super-sized popcorn for a binge-watch marathon!

Below, you can check out the official trailers for both Volume 1 and the full fourth season.

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