Mystery on the Mansfield discount store that hasn’t opened in 3 weeks

A large shop in the city center has been closed for three weeks and people are wondering why. Stock Monster on West Gate in Mansfield was closed with a sign in the window saying “closed until Monday, sorry,” but shoppers say it was several weeks ago and hasn’t opened since.

People keep showing up to the store to shop or browse but have to leave disappointed. Peter Taylor, of Woodhouse, was a person headed to the shop in the hope that it would be open to buy some furniture.

The 73-year-old said: “I was going to buy a gray sofa. This has to be the third [week] . I thought it failed – I love to drop by here every day. I love to see the clothes and the ornaments. I like to come here and look around and this is the third week. There were a lot of people going in there

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Buyer Graham Scott, who is 64, told Nottinghamshire Live: “I came here last week and it was the same sign. I looked again today and that Monday passed and now it’s gone. I’d like it to be open. “

The store opened in April last year and occupied the former BHS store site in West Gate, which stood empty for about five years.

According to buyers, the sign has been there for weeks
According to buyers, the sign has been there for weeks

Shoppers Ann-Marie and Vonnie both visited the store last week, only to find it closed. The couple returned again and was still closed. Ann-Marie Livingstone-Kania, 52, said: “We came last week and it was closed. It’s been about three weeks. It’s a different shop than the one we have in Mansfield. It would be disappointing if it closed. “Vonnie Livingstone-Kania, 52, added:” I shop a lot.

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Ms Gill, 53, told Nottinghamshire Live that she traveled 10 miles to shop at Stock Monster. She said: “We thought it was closed on the Jubilee weekend. We have come to the Jubilee. I was hoping it was open but it isn’t. I am worried that many shops have closed. There are some shops in the center of the country that closed after Covid. It is the unknown. We’ve traveled 10 miles and it’s one of the shops we go to, so it’s disappointing. “

The store opened in April last year, occupying the former BHS store site
The store opened in April last year, occupying the former BHS store site

Wayne Warren, 74, of Mansfield noticed the closing sign three weeks ago. Mr. Warren said: “They have delivered something to me in the last few weeks. The signs have been there for about three weeks. It was the first I’ve ever been to – I bought myself a new sofa. It was wonderful.”

Nottinghamshire Live attempted to contact Stock Monster for comment.

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