What is Interceptor, the new film n. 1 of Netflix?

Netflix’s Top 10 from May 30 to June 5 was, of course, once again dominated by Stranger things season 4, but from the side of the movie came out on top a new movie under the radar – Interceptor. Part of Netflix’s production of at least one new movie a week for the entire year, Interceptor it hasn’t had much hype around its debut on the streaming service on June 3, so if you’re wondering what Interceptor is that we have you covered.

Interceptor found itself at the top of Netflix’s Top 10 Watch Hours for English-language films amassing 35.6 million hours between its premiere on June 3 and June 5. For an hour and 39 minute long movie, that would mean Interceptor was watched by around 22.25 million Netflix users (assuming everyone finished the movie).

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